Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Fall Book Club: Girl on the Train

Hi all!

Long time no blog!

Holy moly, it has been a crazy first and second quarter. I am so sorry for the delay of book club. I hope you busy teachers can understand. :)

So, Girl on the Train...LOVED IT! Did you?

I was expecting more of a "Gone Girl" feel to it at first...but I was happy with the excitement that was drawn out of me by the style of writing.

As always, I created a linky for you with extra response questions if you want to chime in with the discussion.

Is Rachel trustworthy?

I would say no! Between her drinking and confusing memory, it was really hard for me to trust her character.

My favorite character was Megan...maybe it was because we share the same name. :) She interested me from the beginning.

Do you trust Rachel's memory?

No, how could you? It was broken and fragmented. She remembers what she wants to!

Is Rachel lying to herself?

Yes. She seemed to be a liar from the beginning and in major denial. I think she started to blur the truth with her lies.

I would recommend this book without a doubt!

Here is your link up! 

...and as always...rules...

Happy reading ladies! We will resume book club in January. Holidays and wedding planning has sucked the time out of my life...but in the meantime...are there any books you would want to suggest? Comment with them below! 

Monday, July 27, 2015

Wedding Series: My Planner

So as you all know I am recently engaged! If you want to see the story of the engagement you can go to this post here!
I decided I was going to do a wedding series on the blog to share my experience planning and all the fun that goes into engagement bliss!

One of the first things I bought, naturally, is a planner for me to rely on for planning the wedding. I had no idea how many different types of wedding planners there were out there! I decided to go with the trusted Erin Condren. I already own her Life Planner and Teacher Planner so I figured "why not?!".

I opted for the ready-to-ship option. That gave me a standard cover but a code on the inside to order a personalized one when I want. just like her other planners it is a heavy-duty cover with beautiful color. 

(Cover photo) 

The cover is sturdy, removable, and has a beautiful quote! 

On the inside is where I keep our engagement cards. My plans for this planner is to be something we can look back at, so I know the cards are safe here! I used the EC clips. 

Next...the calendar! I marked our proposal day, announcements, timelines, and any appointment wedding related. 

Obviously Erin didn't forget a notes section! Here are some other inside peeks: 

I can't tell you how organized and the sense of relief this planner has given me. I am one obsessed follower of anything Erin Condren. :)

What other planners do you recommend for the teacher bride? 

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Rooftops of Tehran {Book Club}

Hi all!

Long time, no read!

I took a mini break once summer hit...there is not tired like teacher-tired. I did not forget about you all! :)

Those of you who do not know...I have a book club through Cardigans and Caffeine. You can find it in the label of "Book Club Beauties". Every two months or so we pick a group book (Non-teaching book) to read together and discuss. I started it as a reminder to all the teachers and other beauties I have met that we need to take time for ourselves too. Reading is a common thing that I let go when I get in the rush of school and life, so this pushes me to take the time for me and read. We started with only five in the group and quickly grew to 35 by round three! YAY!

We have done four total rounds. This round was Rooftops of Tehran. I forget which one of you recommended it, but I LOVED it.

So, Pasha's love does not remind me of my first love. His love seems much more intense than I remember and even more so because of his secret of loving her. 

Pasha was my favorite character! 

I loved the ritual of sitting on the rooftops and naming the stars. I did not have a ritual or anything like that growing up. We used to go catch frogs in the pond...but nothing as intellectual as these two did! 

I am so glad we read this one. It was a powerful read and opened my eyes to cultural rawness in Iran. 

Other questions to consider: 

1. What was your general reaction to the novel? 
2. Did you care about the characters? Why or why not?
3. What are your thoughts on Pasha's relationship with his father?
4. What do you think happens to Pasha once the book ends?

Your job:

Read the rules! 

If your blog, use the template to create your answers to the questions and join the linky. 

If you do not blog, simply comment with your answers and thoughts! 

I will be choosing a new book on August 1st. It will run for two months and end on October 1st. IF you want to recommend a book, either COMMENT here or EMAIL me. I will send an email out of everyone to join the conversation too.

Thursday, July 2, 2015


Hi all! 

Happy July! Can you believe it is almost the 4th already?! :) 

I am linking up with Farley at Oh' Boy 4th Grade for this month's linky! 

Currently...I am...

Listening to...Criminal Minds via the beautiful Netflix. Holy Guacamole...how did I not know about this show before?! This show has been consuming my mornings...and afternoons...and mayyybe nights. Don't judge. :) What are you all Netflixing?

Loving...sleeping in! Finally! Oh, finally! I can't sleep in and not get up at 6:00am. Such a glorious feeling.

Thinking...about the 4th! I have no plans yet, but I love this time of year, and I am hoping for fireworks, BBQ, and a tan.

Wanting...to find out where we are moving! My fiance has been gone since April. He is at a training academy for the FAA for Air Traffic Control. We don't find out where we are moving until August 4th! Can you believe that?!...

that leads to....

Needing...to find a job! But I can't until I find out where we move! So frustrating.

and I am an All-Star at organizing. :) I love labeling, post-its, color coordinating..anything! It is kinda silly, but I find it fun!

What are you all currently up to?!

Monday, June 22, 2015

Dare to Dream

Hi all!

It is week two of the Teacher's Pay Teacher's Seller Challenge...and I am loving it! Not only do I get to do this on my summer break, but I get to enjoy my coffee and watch Spice World while doing it...Yes...Spice World is on TV right now. I was NOT about to pass that up! (Fun Fact: They were my first concert ever.) 

This week was "Dare to Dream". Our job was to dare to dream what we want in our future. 

1. Stationary focus on TPT: I LOVE making products for TPT, but I have this real passion for creating stationary, organizational products, cards, ect. My dream is to focus my TPT store on stationary because quite honestly, I do not know where else to start! 

I started with practicing for my wedding...

I started with making our invites for the wedding party! I LOVED doing this. :) I am also designing my wedding invites, RSVPS, and Save The Dates. 

2. Pay off debt and finish my masters...prettyyyyyy obvious. Who wouldn't want this?!

3. STOP...Collaborate and listen! :)

I want to branch out my collaboration experience with other women and bloggers around the world. I LOVE meeting new blogger friends. I have some pretty awesome friendships because of collaboration.

What are your dreams?

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Makeover Madness

Hi all!

Long time no blog! :)

Have you heard the word?...there is an awesome TPT Seller Challenge going on right now! This is being put on four beautiful teachers who are helping other grow their business.

I decided to join in on the fun and maybe...just mayyyybbeeeee....got a little crazy with it?

Week ones challenge is "Makeover Madness"...Here is what I did to amp up a couple of products I already have:

Okay...this was my FIRST EVER product...see how yucky is was? I was just learning and that is CLEAR. I amped it up by putting in a more neutral background and more appealing fonts. 

I was in a massive glitter phase in January. This explains the beautiful glitter background...not very kid friendly and kinda BLaH if I do say so myself. My new version is mermaid and seaside theme and much more adorable. 

This was another ugly "I just started making products" product. A new boarder and come better fonts...and to me looks much more appealing. 

How often do you change your items? "Yay!" for having something to do this summer now with this challenge! :D 

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Once Upon a Time

Hi all!

Some big stuff has been happening... as some of you know, Brian, the boyfriend, moved to Oklahoma for training for the FAA. It has been a huge transition. Before he left, my family and I decided to plan a surprise for him...that is where my story...kinda sorta...starts....

So I planned this beautiful sunset cruise we have in Arizona called Desert Belle. If you are visiting, I strongly encourage going. They have an informational cruise that tells you all about Arizona. I have done that twice and loved it both times. This time we planned on the live music cruise. Wine...music...sun...scenery...who wouldn't LOVE that?

I LOATHE surprises. I can't stand them. I spoil secret Santa every year and will give up a surprise in a heart beat. It is not a quality I am proud of...just not my thing. This time I was so careful not to spoil the surprise. I was so proud of myself. I even told Brian how proud I was about not spoiling it. I wanted his day to be perfect.

To start the evening, my friend and I blind folded Brian and stuck him in the car. I kept asking him if he had any idea where we are...he always said no...then he started complaining about being car sick. I was no about to have him being car sick ruin the surprise I finally kept so I made him suck it up.

We get to the dock and my aunt, uncle, and four cousins are waiting. I unmask Brian and he is so surprised and excited they are all there. I give myself a silent high-five for pulling it off and we get in line to board.

My aunt manage to get us all reserved sitting up front with the music on the top of the boat. It was so pretty. The music was ahhh-mazing too! I bopped along happily to Jeordie's music just trying to keep a happy tone for the boyfriend. I knew he was going to start getting sad eventually to be leaving us all.

I noticed about half way through he seemed super sad and kept telling him it is okay and tried cheering him up. {Typical girlfriend duties.}

We had plan in advance for the musician to acknowledge that we were all there for Brian's career adventure and good bye party. This is where I think I blacked out and not from too much vino.

She calls Brian up to say thank you to us all for putting this all together. (Awwwwww) And he starts talking about me and how we have been together for over 9 years. ---Insert loud comment from the peanut gallery about how he should just "marry me already"----and thats when it happened.

He proposed! It was adorable, so thoughtful, and more than I could dream of.

He went to go hand over the microphone after I suffocated him with a hug. It wasn't until this woman took of her scarf that we realized his mother had flown in from Chicago at last minute to see the action too. Holy surprises. I thought that was it...

Then all of a sudden this man started taking photos of us....turns our he even hired a photographer to capture the moment. AH!

I couldn't thank the Desert Belle or the musician enough for making out day so special. She even played some songs for us after to celebrate with us.

Pure happiness doesn't give justice to the new chapter in out lives.

Desert Belle:
WEBSITE: www.dessertbelle.com
PHONE: (480) 984-2425

WEBSITE: www.Jeordie.com

ABC Countdown

Today marks the first day of my ABC countdown with the kids.

What this means....there are only 26 days left in the school year! Oh. My. Goodness.

Each day is a lettered day starting with A. I schedule an activity for the END of the day for the students to earn with good behavior and focus in all other studies. I have done this for 3 years now and the kids have a blast with it.

It puts a positive spin on the typical "countdown" to summer and the teachers love seeing what letter we are working on too! ;)

A: Airplane contest day
B: Bubble gum blowing contest
C: Crazy hair day {Shock your teacher with crazy hair.}
D: Dunk the teacher day!
E: Eat with the teacher day
F: Friends Forever {Chose where to sit for the day.}
G: Game day {Centers are fun games like 'SORRY' and 'Apples to Apples'}
H: Hat day
I: Ice Cream day
J: Joke Day
K: Kindness day
L: Lollipop day
M:Music day {We listen to the students favorite songs while we work.}
N: No homework day
O: Orange juice breakfast
P: Play dough day
Q: Questionnaire day. {Students interview a person of their choice.}
R: Read aloud day {Students get to bring in a book to share with the class.}
S: Show & Tell {Students bring in a special object.}
T: 'Thank you!' Day {write a letter so someone who you are thankful for.}
U: Unusual Hair {Shock your teacher unusual socks!}
V: Visitor day {Invite your parent to each lunch with you.}
W:Write in your favorite color all day {I give special pens to the students}
X: Xcitement is building! Show your school pride today!
Y: Yearbooks {Students gather signatures from all of their friends}
Z:Zoom out of school after a classroom party

Tweak it to what your schools allows and post a letter on your door each day. You can get my letters and a planning sheet for FREE HERE! 

How do you celebrate a wonderful year?

Thursday, March 5, 2015

The Happiness Project (Book Club)

Hi all!

It is that time again! I posted questions in this post. Respond to some or all of the questions in the comment box on this page.

This gives you all a chance to respond to one another also!


1. The Happiness Project is filled with quotations. Was there one that resonated most with you?

2. Gretchen feels that finding happiness is is worth and not selfish. Do you agree?

3. Do you agree that clutter effects your happiness?

4. Did reading this book make you want to try one of her resolutions? Which one?

5. Gretchen says that everyone's Happiness Project with be different. How would yours be different?

6. What was the most valuable thing you learned from the Happiness Project?

Also, if you are a blogger, add the linky!

{Favorite Month} February...the month of love. :) I am a sucker for that month. 

{Favorite Moment} How simplistic her "ah-ha!" moment on the bus was in the very beginning. 

{Three Adjectives} Well explained....she did her research! Repetitive....sometimes I felt like I was rereading the same thing. and POSITIVE!...I love books that revolve around positivity. 

{I felt connected when}...she explained her need for gold stars...I did not realize I am the exact same way! 

Monday, March 2, 2015

March Currently

Hi all!

I am linking up with the amazing Farley over at Oh, Boy 4th Grade for this months currently! Click here to see what she is currently up to! I LOVE that she sets this up!

Currently I am....

{Listening to} Ed Sheeran Radio...ya, ya...I noticed I spelled his name wrong. I am obsessing over his CD. One of my fitness goals is that I get to download a new CD when I lose my first 5LBS. I am 1LB away from that! I decided I am getting his album when I hit the goal. :)

{Loving} WACKY DRESS DOWN DAY! Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss!

{Thinking} I have so much to teach this week! There is so much I want to squeeze in! Maybe it is the amount of coffee I had this morning, but I am ready to hit the ground running!

{Wanting} TPT inspiration...I have not made any products lately because I am lacking inspiration. :( I need something to spark an idea in order for me to feel like it is worth posting on TPT. What do you use for TPT inspiration?

{Needing} ...to get organized!! I bought my EC Life Planner...after obsessing over my teacher planner from there I bit the bullet and got my personal one. It is step one for "Project Organize". Next step...organize my grad school work...my kitchen...my my Jamberry workstation...oh the list will go on and on.

{Spring Break Plans} Daily dates with Netflix and the gym. :) What are you Netflixing this spring break?