Wednesday, April 29, 2015

ABC Countdown

Today marks the first day of my ABC countdown with the kids.

What this means....there are only 26 days left in the school year! Oh. My. Goodness.

Each day is a lettered day starting with A. I schedule an activity for the END of the day for the students to earn with good behavior and focus in all other studies. I have done this for 3 years now and the kids have a blast with it.

It puts a positive spin on the typical "countdown" to summer and the teachers love seeing what letter we are working on too! ;)

A: Airplane contest day
B: Bubble gum blowing contest
C: Crazy hair day {Shock your teacher with crazy hair.}
D: Dunk the teacher day!
E: Eat with the teacher day
F: Friends Forever {Chose where to sit for the day.}
G: Game day {Centers are fun games like 'SORRY' and 'Apples to Apples'}
H: Hat day
I: Ice Cream day
J: Joke Day
K: Kindness day
L: Lollipop day
M:Music day {We listen to the students favorite songs while we work.}
N: No homework day
O: Orange juice breakfast
P: Play dough day
Q: Questionnaire day. {Students interview a person of their choice.}
R: Read aloud day {Students get to bring in a book to share with the class.}
S: Show & Tell {Students bring in a special object.}
T: 'Thank you!' Day {write a letter so someone who you are thankful for.}
U: Unusual Hair {Shock your teacher unusual socks!}
V: Visitor day {Invite your parent to each lunch with you.}
W:Write in your favorite color all day {I give special pens to the students}
X: Xcitement is building! Show your school pride today!
Y: Yearbooks {Students gather signatures from all of their friends}
Z:Zoom out of school after a classroom party

Tweak it to what your schools allows and post a letter on your door each day. You can get my letters and a planning sheet for FREE HERE! 

How do you celebrate a wonderful year?

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