Thursday, March 5, 2015

The Happiness Project (Book Club)

Hi all!

It is that time again! I posted questions in this post. Respond to some or all of the questions in the comment box on this page.

This gives you all a chance to respond to one another also!


1. The Happiness Project is filled with quotations. Was there one that resonated most with you?

2. Gretchen feels that finding happiness is is worth and not selfish. Do you agree?

3. Do you agree that clutter effects your happiness?

4. Did reading this book make you want to try one of her resolutions? Which one?

5. Gretchen says that everyone's Happiness Project with be different. How would yours be different?

6. What was the most valuable thing you learned from the Happiness Project?

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{Favorite Month} February...the month of love. :) I am a sucker for that month. 

{Favorite Moment} How simplistic her "ah-ha!" moment on the bus was in the very beginning. 

{Three Adjectives} Well explained....she did her research! Repetitive....sometimes I felt like I was rereading the same thing. and POSITIVE!...I love books that revolve around positivity. 

{I felt connected when}...she explained her need for gold stars...I did not realize I am the exact same way! 

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  1. I am posting today about my experience with The Happiness Project. Thanks so much for all you do with our little ole book club!
    Faithful in First