Monday, June 22, 2015

Dare to Dream

Hi all!

It is week two of the Teacher's Pay Teacher's Seller Challenge...and I am loving it! Not only do I get to do this on my summer break, but I get to enjoy my coffee and watch Spice World while doing it...Yes...Spice World is on TV right now. I was NOT about to pass that up! (Fun Fact: They were my first concert ever.) 

This week was "Dare to Dream". Our job was to dare to dream what we want in our future. 

1. Stationary focus on TPT: I LOVE making products for TPT, but I have this real passion for creating stationary, organizational products, cards, ect. My dream is to focus my TPT store on stationary because quite honestly, I do not know where else to start! 

I started with practicing for my wedding...

I started with making our invites for the wedding party! I LOVED doing this. :) I am also designing my wedding invites, RSVPS, and Save The Dates. 

2. Pay off debt and finish my masters...prettyyyyyy obvious. Who wouldn't want this?!

3. STOP...Collaborate and listen! :)

I want to branch out my collaboration experience with other women and bloggers around the world. I LOVE meeting new blogger friends. I have some pretty awesome friendships because of collaboration.

What are your dreams?

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Makeover Madness

Hi all!

Long time no blog! :)

Have you heard the word?...there is an awesome TPT Seller Challenge going on right now! This is being put on four beautiful teachers who are helping other grow their business.

I decided to join in on the fun and maybe...just a little crazy with it?

Week ones challenge is "Makeover Madness"...Here is what I did to amp up a couple of products I already have:

Okay...this was my FIRST EVER product...see how yucky is was? I was just learning and that is CLEAR. I amped it up by putting in a more neutral background and more appealing fonts. 

I was in a massive glitter phase in January. This explains the beautiful glitter background...not very kid friendly and kinda BLaH if I do say so myself. My new version is mermaid and seaside theme and much more adorable. 

This was another ugly "I just started making products" product. A new boarder and come better fonts...and to me looks much more appealing. 

How often do you change your items? "Yay!" for having something to do this summer now with this challenge! :D