Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Prepositional Polly

Meet Prepositional Polly! Prepositions and prepositional phrases can be difficult. To help my kiddos remember, I created an interactive anchor chart I used in a whole group mini lesson. 

The purple writing was not there to start. That is where the kids' responses were recorded during the lesson. Students reviewed and discussed prepositons to start. We then took the removable fly on the chart to see where the fly can go. This lead students to recognize prepositions in their own sentences and in writing. The kids loved interacting with the anchor chart. I also kept it at a center for them to create their own sentences using prepositons. 

It was great how easy-peasy it was to make! My kiddos got way more out of it being interactive than just a plain anchor chart too! 

End Of Year Gifts

It's the end of the year, and time to send the kiddos off for summer. I struggle trying to find a gift the kids will love that is reasonable and fun. This year I chose a couple of goodies to put in a gift bang for the.
The items I chose were:
Glow sticks - $1 for 15 at Target
Gift bags - $1 for 20 at Target
Bubbles - $4 for 24 at Target
Balloons - $2 for 12 at target
Cards - $12 for 200 at Target

....can you tell I love Target?

I placed all of the goodies in a clear baggy. On each card I wrote:

"Dear____, Have a BRIGHT and sunny summer. You BLEW me away this year! ---(followed by a personal note)-- Your Teacher, Miss C"

Each child got a hand written card with a personal touch. My fingers are still recovering from writing all 20 of them!

Maybe it's the OCD in me but I had to make sure each kiddo got different color combinations. 

The kids loved it! What do you all give at the end of the year? 

Monday, May 26, 2014

Teacher Binder

I have been getting organized for this next coming school year in small ways...yes, yes, I know my current school year isn't over, but I just feel the need to get a jump start on everything. Hopefully this feeling doesn't go away!

I started with my master binder. I currently have two binders I use. I have a "data" binder and a "teaching binder". Each is sectioned and divided into categories. This leads me to my for TPT item I have ever attempted to put online...*drum roll*... Click Here  to check it out! And obviously it is free... :) I will upload photos on how I used it in a new post to come!