Thursday, July 31, 2014

The Day Erin Condren Stepped Up My Game

So I woke up yesterday morning and just had this feeling I should stop at the mailbox before work...I am SO glad I did because I had this pretty little box waiting for me! I call it "The Day Erin Condren Stepped Up My Game".

When I first started looking at Erin Condren I thought "Holy Moly! I love to organize, but that is WAY too much to spend". Well...I quickly found a way to justify the purchase, and I am so happy I did.

From the first sight I knew I wouldn't be disappointed. The box itself was colorful and bright. Then I got to work and ripped it open... to my surprise...
even the wrapping INSIDE the box was beautiful! 
{It is just like Christmas in July :D}

I chose the colorful cover with "Miss Caraballo" and the years on the front. The cover is hard and sturdy. I am not worried at all about it getting ruined or bent in my teacher bag or purse. The spiral bounding is thick also. I highly doubt it will ruin. Overall, the front and material is a 5/5 for me. I LOVE it! The "Make Everyday a Happyday" is a removable bookmark to use! 

Along with my planner, they sent me stickers and lists with my name, as well as $10 off my next purchase. 

Here are some other of my favorite pages for you to peek at:

{Monthly Calendars---Here is where I write my personal and fitness goals. I also add my blog goals and personal reminders}

{Lesson Planner}

{Checklists or Gradebook}

In the planner there is a page for anything you can think of as a teacher. One of my favorite is the motivational quote on each page. It is great for those days that are usually healed by chocolate and coffee. 
{Example of 1 of the many quotes throughout the planner}

I was torn between the life planner or the teacher planner. I have always had a personal planner, but I am glad I went with the teacher planner. I am able to fit everything from personal life, blog life, and school life in one place. There are calendars for everything and it is brightly labled. I even have an area for personal, fitness and career goals. It is amazing what I am able to do with it! 

It is the little things in life that make me happy and organizational planners happens to be on my happy list. If you are on the fence of getting this for a planner...DO IT. It is well worth the money and I know I will be buying another next year and as Christmas Gifts. 

I hope this helps in any worries you may have in making the purchase. Over here, I am no regrets and all smiles. :) 

Monday, July 14, 2014

To Erin Condren...or not to Erin Condren

To Erin Condren...or not to Erin Condren...that seems to be my question of the week. 

I admit...I am a little OCD in the organizing and planning department. I actually enjoy color coordinating and making lists--something my other half probably will never understand. With that being said, I take my teacher planner very seriously. ;)

I have seen and read tons of things about this so-called amazing teacher planner Erin Condren has but $60! My goodness...I have a hard time buying a cardigan on clearance at Target, let alone justify this purchase! 

I need to hear more...and from teachers, like me, who want to make the jump or have made this jump. 

Is it worth the money? 
Have you tried Plum Paper Designs?

I have this beautiful design sitting in the cart waiting for me to click "submit order", but having the typical buyers remorse and guilt of splurging it getting to me! 

What do you all use for your weekly plans and organization?

I decided to give it a try. Check back soon to see my review! 
Want to order some of Erin Condren's goodies? Use the code below for $10 off your first order! {Totally wish I had this coupon when I bought one!!}

Copy and paste into your browser:

Blog Hoppin 2014 Scavenger Hunt

Have you heard??!! I am so excited to be a part of this amazing scavenger hunt! 

Not only do I get to have some fun at the closure of my summer, but I get to talk to and meet even more teacher bloggers! I love hearing from other teachers and bloggers. 

Interested in joining the fun? 

Head over to the Facebook page or click here to find out all of the rules for this madness. There are 200 items on the list, but you really need to peek at what you can win. Now when I saw 200 items, I thought HOLY MOLY!...but no worries, teacheristas, I believe you only need 105 to qualify. 

You can follow me on Instagram to track my fun in the scavenger hunt. My IG handle is @cardigansandcaffeine {easy-peasy to remember}. Don't forget to include your hashtag of #bloghoppin2014 and keep track of your entries! 

Here are a couple of my lovely entries so far:  {keep in mind I just started today!}

I created my own sign, but you can print one of their website. I can't wait to link up with you all to see all the fun stuff you find! I am keeping my card and camera ready for when I find a man in a dress or a pirate ;).

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Shaving Cream Math

Hi there! I hope you are all enjoying your lovely summer break as much as I am. :) 

Math is one of my most favorite subjects to teach to the little ones. It is amazing how they all think and how quickly they can problem solve! One of the incentives I have in my classroom is shaving cream math. I got this idea from way back when I was in second grade. One of my teachers did it, and I just remember how excited we all were. We just thought it was the coolest thing ever! My students thought the same when we gave it a try. 

The great thing with shaving cream is I can easily differentiate. I would place up to 10 problems on my board for everyone to work on. I also place challenge problems and "extra practice" problems. This allows every student to work at their own pace and gives them the opportunity to take a challenge when they are finished. 

While the students are working, I circle the room to be sure each one is being done correctly. The students know I want to check their work before they erase and go on to the next. To be sure they aren't just having fun in the cream, I check every 2 problems and then they may erase to move on. 

If I am spending extra time with some of the students, I am able to partner up the students for buddy checking. 

*Here is one of my kiddos showing me her "math lasso" with her two problems. 

I have also done this with a "fun Friday spelling test" and sight word recognition. It is a great quick check and be used in so many ways! .... plus it "cleans" some of my marked up desks. ;) 

It is a little messy, but well worth the smiles. :) 

I hope you enjoy.