Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Fall Book Club: Girl on the Train

Hi all!

Long time no blog!

Holy moly, it has been a crazy first and second quarter. I am so sorry for the delay of book club. I hope you busy teachers can understand. :)

So, Girl on the Train...LOVED IT! Did you?

I was expecting more of a "Gone Girl" feel to it at first...but I was happy with the excitement that was drawn out of me by the style of writing.

As always, I created a linky for you with extra response questions if you want to chime in with the discussion.

Is Rachel trustworthy?

I would say no! Between her drinking and confusing memory, it was really hard for me to trust her character.

My favorite character was Megan...maybe it was because we share the same name. :) She interested me from the beginning.

Do you trust Rachel's memory?

No, how could you? It was broken and fragmented. She remembers what she wants to!

Is Rachel lying to herself?

Yes. She seemed to be a liar from the beginning and in major denial. I think she started to blur the truth with her lies.

I would recommend this book without a doubt!

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Happy reading ladies! We will resume book club in January. Holidays and wedding planning has sucked the time out of my life...but in the meantime...are there any books you would want to suggest? Comment with them below!