Wednesday, February 18, 2015

26 things I learned by my 26th Birthday

I just recently celebrated my 26th birthday. It seems that every year I have this moment of panic for getting older. What have I done with my life? Now what? You mean I am close to 30 now?....typical quarter-century-crisis garbage. 

This made me want to make a list of things I have learned by my 26th birthday & how I am going to make this year worth it all. 

1. Wine makes me happy. Tequila makes me even happier. All in moderation...of course.
2. Take care of yourself. Working out matters. Sleeping matters.
3. Random acts of kindness are worth it. One morning at Target some little girl gave me a Target GC just as her R.A.K. It made my DAY! This sparked me wanting to do something for someone. What a huge impact something so small can have!
4. Ask for help. Asking for help at work, at home, or anywhere is OKAY! I am so stubborn. I know I am. I loathe asking for help. I had to learn to let some things go and just ask for it. Some times it is so silly like asking the Boyfriend to help me at home. Other times it is asking a coworker for help with a student.
5. Your work matters. Educator, waitress, cashier, doctor, computer analysis...what ever your do...your work matters.
6. Aromatherapy can change your day.
7. Start a memory book. I started a Project Life book. So many times I just upload my photos to FB and forget about them. I have stopped doing that as much and now I print them right away to add to my book. Project Life is super cute too! You should check them out. :)
8. Hug someone daily. I chose to hug my kitty and the Boyfriend every. single. day....intentionally.
9. Say good morning with a smile...even if you haven't gotten your coffee yet.
10. It is okay to not be married or have kids yet. (INSERT EYE ROLL)
11. Coffee makes me easier to deal with.
12. Forgive others.
13. Forgive yourself.
14. Travel. Live somewhere new.
15. Netflix binging is okay every once in a while. Key words: once in a while...
16. Social media can help you succeed. Social media can cause failure.
17. Save money. Why is this so hard?!
18. Naps and bubble baths are heaven...especially with bath bombs from Lush.
19. It is okay to get rid of friendships that are not healthy.
20. Call your parents daily, if not weekly.
21. Cards mean so much more. I try to send them out for birthdays and holidays. I also have a friend that sends me random cards that make her think of me. Happy mail makes me smile.
22. Getting lost in a book can be a fun Friday night.
23. Yoga really does work.
24. Ingredients in your food matter and spending money on GOOD food is justifiable. My grocery bill went from 30$ a week to $200 a trip, but I eat SO much better now and FEEL better too! It is amazing how happy it makes me.
25. Be grateful.
26. Don't take yourself so seriously.

Who knows what I will learn this year...but I know it will be a good one. :)