Monday, July 27, 2015

Wedding Series: My Planner

So as you all know I am recently engaged! If you want to see the story of the engagement you can go to this post here!
I decided I was going to do a wedding series on the blog to share my experience planning and all the fun that goes into engagement bliss!

One of the first things I bought, naturally, is a planner for me to rely on for planning the wedding. I had no idea how many different types of wedding planners there were out there! I decided to go with the trusted Erin Condren. I already own her Life Planner and Teacher Planner so I figured "why not?!".

I opted for the ready-to-ship option. That gave me a standard cover but a code on the inside to order a personalized one when I want. just like her other planners it is a heavy-duty cover with beautiful color. 

(Cover photo) 

The cover is sturdy, removable, and has a beautiful quote! 

On the inside is where I keep our engagement cards. My plans for this planner is to be something we can look back at, so I know the cards are safe here! I used the EC clips. 

Next...the calendar! I marked our proposal day, announcements, timelines, and any appointment wedding related. 

Obviously Erin didn't forget a notes section! Here are some other inside peeks: 

I can't tell you how organized and the sense of relief this planner has given me. I am one obsessed follower of anything Erin Condren. :)

What other planners do you recommend for the teacher bride? 

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Rooftops of Tehran {Book Club}

Hi all!

Long time, no read!

I took a mini break once summer hit...there is not tired like teacher-tired. I did not forget about you all! :)

Those of you who do not know...I have a book club through Cardigans and Caffeine. You can find it in the label of "Book Club Beauties". Every two months or so we pick a group book (Non-teaching book) to read together and discuss. I started it as a reminder to all the teachers and other beauties I have met that we need to take time for ourselves too. Reading is a common thing that I let go when I get in the rush of school and life, so this pushes me to take the time for me and read. We started with only five in the group and quickly grew to 35 by round three! YAY!

We have done four total rounds. This round was Rooftops of Tehran. I forget which one of you recommended it, but I LOVED it.

So, Pasha's love does not remind me of my first love. His love seems much more intense than I remember and even more so because of his secret of loving her. 

Pasha was my favorite character! 

I loved the ritual of sitting on the rooftops and naming the stars. I did not have a ritual or anything like that growing up. We used to go catch frogs in the pond...but nothing as intellectual as these two did! 

I am so glad we read this one. It was a powerful read and opened my eyes to cultural rawness in Iran. 

Other questions to consider: 

1. What was your general reaction to the novel? 
2. Did you care about the characters? Why or why not?
3. What are your thoughts on Pasha's relationship with his father?
4. What do you think happens to Pasha once the book ends?

Your job:

Read the rules! 

If your blog, use the template to create your answers to the questions and join the linky. 

If you do not blog, simply comment with your answers and thoughts! 

I will be choosing a new book on August 1st. It will run for two months and end on October 1st. IF you want to recommend a book, either COMMENT here or EMAIL me. I will send an email out of everyone to join the conversation too.

Thursday, July 2, 2015


Hi all! 

Happy July! Can you believe it is almost the 4th already?! :) 

I am linking up with Farley at Oh' Boy 4th Grade for this month's linky! 

Currently...I am...

Listening to...Criminal Minds via the beautiful Netflix. Holy did I not know about this show before?! This show has been consuming my mornings...and afternoons...and mayyybe nights. Don't judge. :) What are you all Netflixing?

Loving...sleeping in! Finally! Oh, finally! I can't sleep in and not get up at 6:00am. Such a glorious feeling.

Thinking...about the 4th! I have no plans yet, but I love this time of year, and I am hoping for fireworks, BBQ, and a tan. find out where we are moving! My fiance has been gone since April. He is at a training academy for the FAA for Air Traffic Control. We don't find out where we are moving until August 4th! Can you believe that?!...

that leads to.... find a job! But I can't until I find out where we move! So frustrating.

and I am an All-Star at organizing. :) I love labeling, post-its, color coordinating..anything! It is kinda silly, but I find it fun!

What are you all currently up to?!