Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Movin' on up!...and then some

So, I have been with first grade for two years now...needless to say I am exhausted! They are just so stinkin' cute, but I am ready to try a new age group. Lucky for me there is an opening for 2nd and 4th next year. I have chosen to take the place of the 2nd grade teacher! I am reenergized with ideas and excitement about lesson planning. I really hope to call 2nd grade my home for the next couple of years. They seem to be a great bunch and wonderful age group.

With that decision came me googling and pinning anything "2nd grade" I could find...I was shock to notice there is hardly any wonderful 2nd grade blogs out there!

Any suggestions? This also means I am looping up with my current kiddos. We only have one teacher per grade level. I have mixed feelings about it. 

I know I have been slackin' in the blogging world. The lack of resources I can find for this grade level has made me more focused on creating some new resources and blogging my journey.

Some other amazing news for me since 2014 has started:
1. I completed my first 5k EVER! It was the Color Run and man-oh-man was it a blast! I ran with a couple of girlfriends and my boyfriend. It sparked us to register for more fun-runs this year!

2. I started saving up for my first house! :) Hopefully I will finally be a homeowner before I am 30. [Thats the goal! ;) ]

3. I have been 100% committed....okay, maybe not 100%...but at least 95% committed to clean eating and working out. I feel so much better and I have lost -5lbs since the start of January.