Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Shaving Cream Math

Hi there! I hope you are all enjoying your lovely summer break as much as I am. :) 

Math is one of my most favorite subjects to teach to the little ones. It is amazing how they all think and how quickly they can problem solve! One of the incentives I have in my classroom is shaving cream math. I got this idea from way back when I was in second grade. One of my teachers did it, and I just remember how excited we all were. We just thought it was the coolest thing ever! My students thought the same when we gave it a try. 

The great thing with shaving cream is I can easily differentiate. I would place up to 10 problems on my board for everyone to work on. I also place challenge problems and "extra practice" problems. This allows every student to work at their own pace and gives them the opportunity to take a challenge when they are finished. 

While the students are working, I circle the room to be sure each one is being done correctly. The students know I want to check their work before they erase and go on to the next. To be sure they aren't just having fun in the cream, I check every 2 problems and then they may erase to move on. 

If I am spending extra time with some of the students, I am able to partner up the students for buddy checking. 

*Here is one of my kiddos showing me her "math lasso" with her two problems. 

I have also done this with a "fun Friday spelling test" and sight word recognition. It is a great quick check and be used in so many ways! .... plus it "cleans" some of my marked up desks. ;) 

It is a little messy, but well worth the smiles. :) 

I hope you enjoy. 

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