Monday, July 14, 2014

Blog Hoppin 2014 Scavenger Hunt

Have you heard??!! I am so excited to be a part of this amazing scavenger hunt! 

Not only do I get to have some fun at the closure of my summer, but I get to talk to and meet even more teacher bloggers! I love hearing from other teachers and bloggers. 

Interested in joining the fun? 

Head over to the Facebook page or click here to find out all of the rules for this madness. There are 200 items on the list, but you really need to peek at what you can win. Now when I saw 200 items, I thought HOLY MOLY!...but no worries, teacheristas, I believe you only need 105 to qualify. 

You can follow me on Instagram to track my fun in the scavenger hunt. My IG handle is @cardigansandcaffeine {easy-peasy to remember}. Don't forget to include your hashtag of #bloghoppin2014 and keep track of your entries! 

Here are a couple of my lovely entries so far:  {keep in mind I just started today!}

I created my own sign, but you can print one of their website. I can't wait to link up with you all to see all the fun stuff you find! I am keeping my card and camera ready for when I find a man in a dress or a pirate ;).


  1. I'm pretty sure I could have named my blog the same thing. I have a gazillion cardigans. I just keep adding to the collection! I need an intervention.

    Thank you so much for linking up with us.

    1. Cardigans are a must for all teachers! :) Thanks for all the fun for the scavenger hunt! I am loving it.