Sunday, October 12, 2014

"This is Where I Leave you" Linky

Hi all!

It is that time to start my first linky party! I am so excited to see this part of my blogging life grow.

A couple weeks back I started a book club for teachers via the internet. The first book we chose was "This is Where I Leave You" by Jonathan Trooper. This was great since the movie is now out. I heard great things about the movie, but the book was amazing!

In addition to meeting on Sunday with a couple lovely ladies online {with some wine} I am also creating a linky for the book club. I figure this would work out for those who haven't finished reading or people who have read the book before and want to join in on the fun!

So...I am not going to lie...there were some parts I was laughing at that I probably should not have been laughing at. The dysfunctional issues is this family had be giggling. I heard the movie makes you feel bad for them, but to me the book had a dark humor of dysfunctional families. 

Judd's mom had me laughing in an uncomfortable way...that woman knew no boundaries! 

I am thinking a lovey-dovey book for next time. I am feeling a romantic tone....or better get one of the other Gillian Flynn books if I want to throw it in a completely different genre. I read "Gone Girl" so I want to read her other ones too! is goes to you!

Here is your own copy for posting: 

Other questions to ponder and discuss in the "comments" section:

1. What was your first impression of the narrator is this novel?
2. What was your impression of Jen? Do you think you would see her differently if it was from another characters point of view and not Judd's?
3. Discuss Judd's mother's relationship with her children.
4. How does each character deal with their unhappiness and traumatic events?
5. Why do you believe Judd's reoccurring nightmare is about a prosthetic limb?
6. Was the ending satisfying for you? Why or why not?

I will be choosing a new book for the club on November 1st. Any ideas or suggestions yet?


  1. I am almost finished reading, but I have to say that I am loving Judd. I am hoping he is Jason Bateman because that is the image I have in my head, lol. I will post more as soon as I am finished!

  2. I think I missed the deadline :( Here is my link anyway!

  3. I never did this! I thought I did but it's not anywhere so here it is!

  4. I thought it was interesting to see the Jen & Judd situation play out from the guy's perspective. You typically see the needy woman's side of things and it was neat to be in a man's mind and explore the immediate feelings of finding the cheaters and then dealing with the fall out.

    Overall, I did not care for this book. I kept expecting something to really happen and it just never did. There were definitely some laugh out loud moments like you said, but it never really got great for me.