Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Parent Teacher Conferences

Here is a short and sweet post for you all:

Parent/teacher conferences can bring on a whole new level of stress when it comes to organizing and preparing. Other than sucking down Starbucks, I have a couple other things that make the process less stressful.

In my conferences, I start with the usual answering any questions the parents have first. We will discuss the child's report card. I always save things the students have completed during the semester to back up my comments and show what each child has been up to. The parents love this! I have a product to organize these steps that will come in a later post.

One thing I always pass out are these conference reminders. It helps the parents, the students, and myself remember when and where the meetings are. I use these throughout the year whenever I set up a meeting with a family. These are great for IEP, MET, and any other meeting!

Click here to grab your free copy!

How do you all conduct your conferences?

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