Saturday, August 23, 2014

The Science of Plants

This week in science we started out unit on plants and flowers. Some of the activities I started with were a KWL, labeling a diagram on an anchor, a project in our interactive notebook, and reading our science book together. 

Fridays are my "fun" day or "Fun Friday"! This week I decided to do a craft with flowers and a paragraph explaining three new things that we're learned about plants. 

We started with choosing two colors; one for the middle of the flower and one for the petals. We also used a green. 

Fold it "hamburger, hot dog, hot dog, hot dog" and cut. It should look like this: 

We then took the color we chose for the middle color, looped it, and glued. 

The extra paper was shared or donated to our paper bin. We continued to
loop all of our petals. 

The students then glued the petals to the middle of the flower. 

We then created two leaves. 

We glued the two leaves to the stem and the stem to two petals. 


After creating our flowers we wrote a little paragraph of three new things learned with an intro and a conclusion. 

What activities did you do to teach about plants?

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