Thursday, June 5, 2014

Summer Bucket List

Today is the first week of summer break for me. This has been deemed by favorite week of the whole year. Now it is time to make my summer bucket list!

1. Practice yoga and make it a part of my life.
I started this week already with a couple of poses and flows. It is amazing what it has done for my happiness already!

2. Give myself a spa day.
Our boss got us all a massage at this beautiful spa in our town-Moroaccan themed relaxion. It has inspired me to take a spa day for myself and by myself to relax and clear my mind. I feel like we don't do that enough as teachers.

3. Work on decorating the apartment.
...consistant struggle...

4. Read at least 3 new books.
1 down! 2 to go! Just finished "Gone Girl"...ahhh-mazing!

5. Try new recipes.

6. See live music.

7. Tan by the pool.

8. Work on my blog.
I already started making new resources for next year. I also hired someone to glam up my blog...because lets face looks drab and unprofessional...I am clueless about HTML so hopefully you will all love the new layout in August!

9. Travel..somewhere...anywhere.

10. Relax.

How do you all spend your summer break?

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