Wednesday, December 31, 2014

December Book Club: The One and Only

Hi all!

It is that time to discuss our book.

Discussion Questions:

Respond to questions in the comment section.

1. What is your first reaction to Shea and Coach's relationship? Lucy and Coach's relationship?

2. Could you relate to any aspect of Shea or Lucy's life?

3. Was Shea a good friend/significant other?

4. Was the title fitting?

5. What are your thoughts on the ending? and the rape?

Overall,  how did you feel about the book? Would you recommend it?

REMEMBER LADIES: Leave your vote/suggestion for the next vote below too! I will pick the new book January 4th to take us to January 31st.

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  1. 1. My first reaction was ew! I can see Shea's hero worship but I absolutely cannot see a man who practically raised her now falling in love with her.

    2. I can relate to Lucy always asking Shea about her relationship with Ryan. It seems my friends live more exciting lives than I do so I like to live vicariously through them! :)

    3. I did appreciate that Shea had a great inner battle about what to do, both with her life and in her relationships. I think this made her a good character and a good friend. At least she was thinking things through most of the time.

    4. The title was fitting but not the cover illustration. I had no idea this was going to be about football.

    5. The ending was wrapped up too quickly. The reader spends a great deal of time getting to the ending, only to have it bing, bang. boom done. I think it could have been done better.

    I like the book and recommended it to a few people. Then I hit the last 1/4 of the book and wished I wouldn't have recommended it. It does make me want to read some other Griffin books though to see if I like some of her other stories better.

    1. 1. I completely agree! So weird.

      3. That is a good point. I didn't see it that way, but that makes Shea more likable for me! :)

      I am not sure if I read any of her other books. I wonder if all of her characters are along the same line. It was a great quick and breezy read for the holidays at least! :)

    2. I liked a few of her other books, so you might too! I remember liking "Something Borrowed," and "Something Blue."

  2. 1. My first reaction to Shea and Coach was, “Ok she has a crush/hero worship thing going on, “ but once it started becoming more, it just did not make sense to me. A big ICK factor. I cannot imagine something like that happening, at least in my world. I wish Coach would make a bit more effort to be closer to Lucy since she was very close to her mom and that they don’t have as much in common.

    2. I could relate to Shea in that I have worried before about being “stuck.” I like that she finally was consciously making choices to move forward and live life and find a job that she loved.

    3. I think Shea was ok as a friend/significant other. I think that when she wasn’t interested in Miller she broke it off rather than let it continue…same thing with Ryan. I think she an Coach shouldn’t have snuck around and just said something before they got caught. I appreciate that she wasn’t self centered and worried about her relationship with her best friend.

    4. Yes, the title was ok. I don’t think I was expecting the story we got, based on the other books I have read by the same author.

    5. I agree with Michelle, the ending was too quick. I think there needed to be a bit more or an epilogue or something to really wrap things up. Did she get a job in New York and Coach went with her? Is Coach still coaching? How does this work with the dynamic of the other characters?

    Overall, the book was okay, but I would not recommend it to others. I enjoyed the read for most of the book, but just could not get over the odd relationship that developed.