Who I am.

Hi everyone!

 My name is Megan. This blog was created to help bring my passion of creating new lessons and organization to the world of education. Here is a little about me: 

I applied to almost 100 schools in Illinois within 3 month. Did not get an interview for any of them! One day, My boyfriend and I decided to research where they need teachers the most. Up pops up Arizona (Bonus: I have family here too). So what do I do? Email the first position I see open on the website. Five days later, 2 Skype interviews later and days of emailing, and I have officially landed my first job as a 1st grade teacher! Excited does not begin to explain how I felt!

From there, we moved to Scottsdale. In Scottsdale I continue to teach first grade...but I am excited to be looping with my group to second grade for next school year. Now I am back to the drawing board of making and finding new resources and starting from a blank slate! 

Some other fun things about me is I love shopping and organization. I have a love of reading and enjoying the outdoors. My boyfriend and I have been together for almost 9 years now. We love seeing movies and relaxing in our new home. :) 

This is our cat, Phil. He has been enjoying sunny Arizona. He doesn't seem to mind being a desert kitty. 


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